Teach Developers About Our Tools

Teach Developers About Your Tools

Getting quality developers on your platform isn’t easy. Luckily many people already flock to Hacker Dojo in order to further their education and learn the latest and greatest tools of the trade.

What Do We Do Together?


Sponsors, by partnering with the Dojo, have the ability to teach technical classes on how to use their platforms. A typical class for an API might include:

  • Obtaining keys for testing
  • The “hello world” equivalent with the API.
  • More advanced features/examples
  • Moving to working with the production server

For a phone or physical platform, a class might also include:

  • Setting up the development environment
  • Setting up the virtual testing environment
  • “App-store” equivalent approval process

Normally, the classes are paced so that students are creating their own projects while the instructor is teaching. This reinforces the learning and enriches the environment where the projects are being made by creating more projects.

A few APIs and platforms are so simple to begin that instructors prefer a hackathon model where about half an hour of instruction precedes unstructured free time. During the free time students can apply what they learn to make projects. The Dojo is happy to support either model.

These classes might be paced over several sessions, or the information might be repeated at each class with the intention to welcome new students each time.

The Dojo is also pleased to host short cobranded educational video content online to help distribute an introduction to new powerful technology. These videos form a condensed version of the classes offered, so that curious makers around the world can become familiar with new platforms easily.

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Does it Work?

These offerings form an incredibly economic way to help new developers become familiar with your technology, while earning their respect by supporting something they love. Below are two case studies, one hackathon and one class series, that demonstrate the power of these partnerships.

Twilio Hackathon

Twilio, a company that provides a platform to build voice and SMS applications, partnered with Hacker Dojo for a one day hack-a-thon located at the Dojo. The event was publicized to the software developer community to increase awareness of Twilio’s platform and invite engineers to participate in creating amazing telephony and texting applications.

This sponsorship helped us connect with developers in the thriving Dojo community, a nexus for the best software engineers in the Bay Area, and it also directly led to recruitment of talent for the Twilio team. Hacker Dojo is a bastion of hacker culture and supports people looking to build the next big thing. We can’t wait to see what they’ll build next.

— Danielle Morrill, Director of Marketing at Twilio 

At the event, Twilio introduced their APIs, thoroughly described capabilities and provided hands-on assistance to developers. Twenty-five developers participated in building Twilio based applications. At the conclusion of the hackathon, Twilio provided credits so participants would continue to engage the company’s service after the event. Not only did Twilio benefit from brand exposure and a new base of developers, but its association with Hacker Dojo led to the hiring of a new engineer.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Challenge Classes

This was a four-week series of classes that was attended by over fifty participants who learned Windows Phone 7 development with Visual Studio and an introduction to Silverlight. The challenge was to build Windows phone applications within the session’s timeframe. The hands-on format of the class allowed absolute beginners to go from zero to capable Windows application developers. During the classes over twenty-five applications were developed and Microsoft established relationships with multiple leading independent software engineers. At the end of the event, participants felt much more confident using Windows development tools.

This event was the best Microsoft has offered around here since they entered the current definition of the smart phone market 18 months ago. The sessions were very effective and the approach worked perfectly.


Great atmosphere and energy!


It was great fun working with wonderful people for the last four weeks. Thanks Microsoft for sponsoring this event. It felt like going back to school again!


This series is much better than the 3-day iPhone $1k-$2k classes offered in San Francisco. Very good technical content.


Very powerful UI concept for the next wave of apps…. much better than a static icon. The industry hasn’t figured this out yet. Best mobile lecture/class/format I have ever seen.


Questions? Interested? Email [email protected]