Who We Are


Since opening our doors in 2009, Hacker Dojo has been both a strong community and a great place to throw hackathons, conferences, classes, movie nights, and job fairs. We’ve fostered startups from Pinterest to WordLens, and provided a launching point for countless others. We’ve provided a home to open source projects like OpenPhoto, and a community beyond any particular project: a place to meet friends, partners in crime, and to learn from each other.

The Dream: A Home of Our Own


For too long the Dojo has paid to improve other people’s buildings. It is our goal to purchase property to build our own facility, how we envision it. After we have finished paying for it, this will amount to getting rid of our largest recurring expense and more money that can be spent on more tools, programs, classes, and all the things which make the Dojo unique.

Ways to Give

Join a Donor Circle






Every year, we like to take a moment to thank the donors who have gone above and beyond with their donation to Hacker Dojo. How do we define that? If a donor has done one of the following:

  • Donating $1024 or more and be a member for that whole year (This may be tax deductible).
  • Donating $2224 or more while not being a member of Hacker Dojo (This may be tax deductible).
  • Opting to pre-pay Dojo membership for 5 years up-front for 5K

These donors will be invited to an end of the year thank you party, and at the beginning of the next year we will add a new plaque to the lobby wall with their names alongside the founding member’s plaque and previous years’ donor plaques to remember their commitment to keeping this place awesome.

If your contributions have passed these thresholds this year and your name is not on here, you are interested in prepaying your membership, or if your name is not spelled the way you would like it spelled, write to [email protected].

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3)! Our EIN is 26-4812213. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law, less the fair market value of any substantial gifts chosen at the time of your donation. Remember, many employers match charitable gifts. Ask your employer if they will double your contribution!

Honor A Loved One

Looking for a gift for somebody who has everything, or a way to honor a special memory? This program is currently in a prototype stage, so if you have something in mind, please email [email protected]

Shirt and a Card

This comes with a beautiful handwritten card, and can be anonymous if you’d like.

Choose This Gift

Name on Donor’s Plaque

This comes with two tickets to our annual donor’s party, and a beautiful handwritten card for each of you. Gift can be anonymous if donor wishes.

Choose This Gift

Donate a Picture

Sponsoring Hacker Dojo

We recognize the diverse background our sponsors have, and we are eager to help find the right solution that fits your needs.

Invest in Startups | Hire Awesome People | Teach Developers About Your Tools

Why sponsor?

Hacker Dojo is a vibrant community of entrepreneurial individuals focused on the future of technology. Some of our sponsors seek to tap into the talent of Silicon Valley just as it buds. Others offer services within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and wish to reach a unique crowd of the Bay Area’s brightest and most enthusiastic information technology professionals. All of our sponsors, through their support of Hacker Dojo, demonstrate their advocacy of creativity and innovation.

News of your support of the Dojo will reach

  • Our 400+ members
  • Our 9000+ monthly unique website visitors
  • Our 6000+ Twitter followers
  • Our 4000+ “Likes” on Facebook
  • Our 800+ external mailing list members

Running A Fundraiser to Benefit Hacker Dojo

Thank you so much for wanting to help Hacker Dojo raise money!  Here is some information about running a fundraiser to benefit Hacker Dojo.

How You Can Help

There are lots of kinds of fundraisers you can run! Here are some ideas!

  • A bake sale
  • A nerdy marathon (similar to Desert Bus for Hope or Indie Games for Good)
  • A nerdy tournament (video games, card games, etc)
  • A dinner with tickets
  • A silly run (drunk stumble) like our Saint Patrick’s Day Race
  • Theme game night
  • A lecture with some special guest where you sell tickets
  • Charging a tiny entrance fee for a normal event to better determine headcount, then donating the money to Hacker Dojo

These are just ideas! If you have your own, or you need help fleshing them out, we’ll help you!

How We Can Help

  • We can promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, our mailing lists, and through other appropriate mediums
  • Sometimes we can send volunteers, guest speakers or interviewees as appropriate to your idea
  • Sometimes we can bring T-shirts and other branded items to use as prizes

For Everybody’s Comfort

  • It needs to be extremely clear what percentage of money will be going as a donation to Hacker Dojo if there are any other nonprofits.
  • In general, we are not comfortable promoting or having our brand used on fundraisers which give 100% of the money they raise for charity. This means the venue, food, drinks, and staff are donated.
  • We strongly prefer you to set up your widgets to donate directly to our accounts. This avoids doubling up on PayPal fees, gives your donors confidence, and protects you from tax implications.
  • Please follow our branding guidelines. Particularly, we’d be more comfortable if you branded your event “So-and-so benefit for Hacker Dojo,” instead of “Hacker Dojo benefit” which would imply that the institution of the Dojo is the one running the fundraiser.

For more information, help with logistics or to get a waive on any of these things we ask for everybody’s comfort, please contact [email protected]

Data You Probably Need

Let’s Plan It Out! Skeleton for a fundraising event!

Question: What are you doing?

There are a huge variety of events you can run. We have listed some above as ideas, but the first step for sure is figuring out what you want to do. Write it down somewhere. Socialize it with some potential partners in crime, see if you can build some excitement.

Question: What are your goals?

Visualize the end results. The first question is naturally “how much do you want to raise” but there are lots of other questions too like “how do you want the event to run?” and “How do you want people to remember the time they had?” Once you have the end product in mind, it is way easier to work towards it.

Question: What are your costs?

Most events have costs, like food or a venue. The good news is, it is easier than you think to get these resources donated once you have a compelling pitch about how your event will work.


Now run through the event and nail down the specifics. This is where you make schedules, and begin running through the event step by step in your head. This will probably bring up more things you need to handle: do you need equipment for your webcast? Do you need tables to play games on? Do you need power infrastructure for your computers? Will you need to get food handling permits?

These projects can seem really daunting, so our advice is to break this into as many small steps as possible. Give each a due date, and give each of them to a human. If the human hasn’t done the thing by the due date, assign it to somebody else. Make sure that you set your due dates aggressively enough that you can hand off anything important or surprisingly complicated to somebody else a few times! If attacked by a surprisingly complicated task, divide it up into even smaller bits, and hand them out again. Impress upon your volunteers that it is much worse to run into problems and not tell anybody promptly than it is to eventually fail in your assigned task.

Get the Word Out!

You should feel free to make your own twitter, facebook, and email drives, but also be sure to contact us for help. We have pretty strong reach. [email protected]

Test Everything

Frequently forgotten issues include: networking equipment, bandwidth, lighting, microphones, transporting of materials

Finalize and Publish a Schedule

Your event probably looks pretty different from the last time you made a schedule. Redo the schedule and publish it, so people can start getting excited!

Be Awesome and Have Fun!

With your event all planned out, the final step is to execute it and know that you’re completely awesome for supporting the Hacker Dojo.