Re-Imagine The Fountain

This Weekend: $10K Prize to Re-Imagine the Soda Fountain

Digital Participation Encouraged

What would you do if you could re-imagine the soda fountain? Miniaturize the technology? Make one for the home, or for on an airplane so flight crews don’t have to load and unload so many cans? The possibilities are huge!


What are the judging criteria?

  • User Ease / Affordability
  • Feasibility to Commercialize
  • Innovative Thinking / Idea


Themes judges like:

  • Soda fountains in places that were previously economically impractical, like a home or office
  • Cheaper ways to carbonate water
  • Fountains that are exciting or fun, and attract attention rather than just being an appliance.


Things the judges are not looking for:

  • Changes to the formula or ratio of ingredients.
  • Adaptations to the existing freestyle machine. We are committed to an NDA-free hackathon, and that thing is mired in paperwork.


Projects can be submitted in any format from a business plan to a fully-functioning prototype, but more completely proven ideas will be considered far easier to commercialize.

The winning team will have their prototype and intellectual property related to the project purchased by The Coca-Cola Company at the end of the weekend for $10K (split among the winning team however the team likes). If teams wish to keep their IP, they may decline the prize and somebody else will be declared the winner.


When: March 30th at 11AM to March 31st at 7PM

Where: Hacker Dojo, 599 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View CA


Tentative Schedule (all times PST):


Tuesday, March 26th
7:00PM Optional class on how the existing technology works
Saturday, March 30th
11:00AM Brunch and kickoff, unmatched participants meet each other and form teams
  5:00PM Dinner
  7:00PM Mini-demos for participants with obligations on Easter.
Sunday, March 31st
11:00AM Brunch, welcome back for the weaklings who sleep
 5:00PM Dinner
 6:00PM Demos from teams, judging, closing ceremony
7:00PM Go home!




Can I participate digitally?

Yes. We are working out the software, but we’re going to start on Google+. Please register so we can schedule things correctly.


Do I need to sign NDAs to compete?

No. No paperwork unless you win.


Does The Coca-Cola Company own my idea just because I came to the hackathon?

No. You only give up your IP if you accept the prize money.


Can I see the paperwork the winner will have to sign?

Yes. They asked us not to post it online, so email [email protected] and we will give it to you.


Am I allowed to do work before the hackathon?

Yes. Since this is in-part a physical hackathon, we encourage it.


How do I learn how an existing soda fountain works?

The Coca-Cola Company has provided 2 demo units for us to take apart and tinker with. They are in the lobby by the kitchen.


How do I learn about the carbonation process, and other related things for making a fountain?

There will be a class on Tuesday the 26th at 7PM. It is optional.


Can I get technical questioned answered by The Coca-Cola Company ahead of time?

Yes. Email [email protected] and we will forward them to the right department.


What resources does Hacker Dojo have to help me prototype?

Our physical resources are limited, but we have a small CNC mill and a 3D printer. You will need to bring your own metal for the mill and please chip in to help cover the cost of the extrusion for the 3D printer. We also have a wide variety of electronics pieces in our electronics lab.


Who will judge?

The idea will be judged by a group of representatives from The Coca-Cola Company. They have also invited us to select one local “celebrity judge” from the startup world. If you’re interested in this, please contact [email protected]



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