Hacker Dojo, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2009, provides space to bring together entrepreneurs, programmers, creators and other hackers in Mountain View, California.  We embrace the term “hacker” in the positive sense as describing someone who likes to understand how things work and produce new creations.


Mission Statement

Hacker Dojo’s mission is to bring people together around the raw materials required for innovation: space, knowledge, and connectivity.



Hacker Dojo is a center for innovation. It is one part event space, one part coworking space, and one part community center. The Dojo is very different from other innovation centers that are based on a commercial model. The Dojo does not itself provide classes and workshops, job placement services, investment, or mentorship. Instead, it acts as a catalyst to enable its members to provide these things to the Hacker Dojo community and beyond. The longer term focus of the Hacker Dojo is to deepen its roots in the community here in Silicon Valley and inspire people around the world. As long as people enjoy thinking and building with their minds in the company of others then they will need a Hacker Dojo.



  • Creation: algorithms, applications, web sites, robots, satellites, 3D printers and more

  • Inquiry: learning, mentoring, peer knowledge exchange, the hacker spirit of getting your hands dirty

  • Connection: events, hackathons, mixers, Internet

  • Dissemination: classes, lectures, recorded materials published worldwide, demo days

  • Diversity: we’re made up of programmers, jugglers, hackers, builders, artists, and all types of people