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Hacker Dojo is an ideal place to find vibrant new startups while they are still in early development. Since opening our doors in 2009, a number of startups that began at the Dojo have become phenomenally successful. Among the startups from this community you will find:

  • Pinterest: Pinterest used Hacker Dojo as their primary workspace in late 2009, and hired both of their first two engineers from the Dojo’s membership.
  • Wedding Party App. Wedding Party App grew out of another startup idea and picked up an additional member from the Dojo’s community. They raised over $1M in funding and have a ton of awards.
  • Disconnect, One of our few B corps, a privacy extension which helps prevent 3rd party sites from tracking you. It was founded at the Dojo.

Additionally, the following startups and projects at the Dojo were so immediately successful that they did not need funding. They represent some of the successful money-making projects which could have come to market sooner with investment involvement:

My company is currently profitable and our app has been downloaded almost 3 million times. I’m not sure we would have made it anywhere without help from the Hacker Dojo community and the general Silicon Valley tech community.

— Octavio Good of WordLens


I went to Hacker Dojo to work on my ideas. Soon, I met my cofounders at a Hacker Dojo Hackathon, and today my company is funded and growing. Hacker Dojo is an essential hub of entrepreneurial activity in Silicon Valley. From scrappy dreamers to bona-fide success stories, Hacker Dojo supports startup life.

— — Jacob Lyles of Game Closure

Hacker Dojo is an ideal place for firms and individuals looking to find the next big thing in Silicon Valley, and a sponsorship is one of the most economical ways to get a firm’s name and passion for true innovation out to this community.

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