How to Events

Before Submitting an event please read the Event Policy and Guidelines.

How the events system works

  • A member submits an event application, either for an event they would like to host or on behalf of a non-member who wants to host an event the member believes would be good for the dojo.  The member should begin recruiting members willing to help run the event.  You should submit events two weeks in advance.
  • An email goes out to the [email protected] team.  A member of the events team looks at your proposed event and determines if it is one we would like to host.  Be sure to check your email address often, since Events Team and others could be sending you mails using this address.
  • Once the event is approved it will automatically appear on the events calendar.

Philosophy on Events

Please read this page before emailing or calling. We are certain that a lot of your questions are already answered here.

Hacker Dojo is a 501c3 non-profit. Part of the mission of the organization is to educate, spread knowledge, and provide a valuable service to the community.  As such, events at Hacker Dojo hold an important part in our “service” role.

As for event philosophy, we want to optimize:

  1. Event hosts having a professional interaction when dealing with the [email protected] team

  2. Event hosts having a realistic understanding of our rules (and their enforcement)

  3. The “Quantity of quality events” at Hacker Dojo

  4. A proper balance between events and member usage of the Dojo

  5. The organization meeting laws and City codes

  6. Event hosts being real members of the Dojo community, as opposed to signing up as a member just to host the event (or finding an existing member to host the event for them)

Who can host events at Hacker Dojo?

Any current member of Hacker Dojo can host an event. Event requests may be submitted by any member, but non-members will need to find a member to act as the host for their event. The host (member) is responsible for the event from the point of view of the Dojo, including ensuring that it follows all rules.

Is there any way to have an event at Hacker Dojo without being a member?

We generally prefer that if you’re curious in holding an event you become a member yourself since you’ll be more in tune with the community. However, we do recognize that sometimes holding a one-off event happens, and membership isn’t the best option for you. In that case, you are welcome to find a member to host the event on your behalf

Can I join just to host one event?

While $1xx for one month’s membership may seem a cheap price to get event space, it’s not really within the spirit of the Hacker Dojo community to join just for that purpose. However, it’s not forbidden and it would be one way to host an event. We’d hope that you enjoy the Dojo enough to remain as a member afterward.

Is it okay to bring in outside food and/or beverages?

Outside food and beverages are both allowed. Please remember to clean up after yourself, and if there is not enough space in the dumpster that you haul your excess trash away with you. A great resource for this service is South Bay Haul Away. You can reach them by calling (408) 661-1743.

What sort of setup/take down services to you provide?

As mentioned, Hacker Dojo is not a traditional events venue, therefore setup and take down is all on you. If your event requires a large amount of setup and/or take down, then it’s recommended you do two things, the first of which is to arrive in plenty of time, and plan to stay late to get the place looking decent for the next day’s co-workers. If your event will take more than roughly thirty minutes of setup time, it’s recommended that you submit an additional event titled “[Your event Name] Setup.” This way, everyone has notice you’ll be in the space and moving things around.

What sort of equipment is available to use?

Whatever we have at the Dojo is available for use. This includes tables, chairs, projectors, and some whiteboards. There is no equipment reservation system, nor will anyone at the Dojo do any sort of room set-up for you. Therefore it is advised that if this is your first time holding an event at Hacker Dojo, you show up in plenty of time to arrange the area you have reserved to your liking, as well as to ensure you get whatever equipment you had wanted to use is available.

Can I have a private event at the Dojo?

Please see venue rental information here:

What sort of events are allowed?

We’re pretty open in regards to the type of events we will allow to be hosted. Classes, lectures, company Q & A’s, mixers, meet-ups, knitting circles, planning meetings, workshops, and more have all been successfully held at the Dojo.

What sort of events are not allowed as a member?

Any event that would exclude Dojo members, or isn’t within the “spirit” of the community. That said, it’s hard to put a hard definition of exactly what the spirit  of Hacker Dojo is. In theory, since all events are hosted by members, they’re all within the spirit of the community. If your event is something that a Dojo member can actively participate in, that's a very good start.

Who is the [email protected] group?

The [email protected] group is composed of Hacker Dojo member volunteers. If you’re a member and would like to join, please do! We can always use more hands. You can do so by going here.