If there is a single catch phrase that captures the potential impact of a new technology on our lives, this would be it – "AI is the new electricity" - Andrew Ng

Current AI Projects and Startups

Company name: Repmonk
Website: www.repmonk.com


Overview: Repmonk is using deep learning to automatically log workouts. We can seamless count, time and classify ~50 workouts, without any input from the user and give user detailed analytics to help them track progress and be motivated. We are also developing technology to automatically detect the weight used.
Contact:[email protected]

Company name: Relishly Inc
website: http://www.relish.ai


Overview: Relishly is a conversational AI platform helping businesses and enterprises power conversational and search/discovery experiences. Using our proprietary deep knowledge graph built on web scale un-structured data and advanced deep learning and natural language understanding models, our platform helps power rich conversational experiences in various domains. Retail and e-commerce brands/stores use our platform to help power search and conversational experiences across multiple channels including Website, Facebook Messenger, Alexa and Google Assistant.
Contact: [email protected]

Company name: Axis AI
Website: http://axis-ai.com/


Overview: Axis AI is a document classification and data extraction solution with machine learning at its core. The Business was incubated within the parent company Axis Technical Group and is now a spin-off with successful implementations in various verticals (Property /Title documents, healthcare claims, Mortgage, Auto-loans etc) Mandar works remotely from bay area and is a regular at HackerDojo.
Contact: [email protected]

Waleed Abdulla


Waleed Abdulla is a deep learning engineer focusing on computer vision applications. He writes about deep learning and works on open source projects. His most recent project, Mask RCNN on TensorFlow, is one of the top instance segmentation tools, used by thousands of deep learning developers.
He is an independent consultant, while also working on his next startup project. Before getting into deep learning, he built a startup in the news and social media space, raised VC funding, and was in 500Startups and the Facebook fbFund before that.
Contact: [email protected]

Company name: Big Data Trunk
Website: http://www.bigdatatrunk.com


Big Data Trunk is the leading Big Data focus consulting and training firm founded by industry veterans in data domain. It helps customer gain competitive advantage from open source, big data, cloud and advanced analytics. It provides services like Strategy Consulting, Advisory Consulting and high quality classroom individual and corporate training.
Contact person: Raju Shreewastava Founder & Chief Architect, Big Data Trunk LLC
Mobile: 415-484-6702 Email: [email protected]

Oswald Campesato


Provides training primarily in Deep Learning and Android. Oswald, a former PhD Candidate in Mathematics, an education junkie (6 degrees), and an author of 20 technical books, has presented Deep Learning sessions at conferences, Google LaunchPad, and BA meetups to more than 1,200 people, and he is currently an instructor for Deep Learning (Python/TensorFlow) at UCSC, and a consultant who provides training primarily in Deep Learning and Android.