Main Space

Our main space is first come, first serve area for all members and guest. Visitors can check out the space and work out of here for the day. It is a great area to get a feel for the dojo and connect with others. Our electronic section is also in the back of the Main Space. We have cloud printing …

Maker Space

In our maker space, we have the Lulzbot Taz6 3d printer, Thunderlaser Nova51 laser cutter, printerbot, makerbot, drill press, band saw and other tools donated to the dojo for member use only. We provide training on all tools used within the Maker Space. This room is part of our Event space and can be booked on our Events website. Occupancy: …

Large Event Room

Our biggest meeting room as part of our Event space. Occupancy: 80

Edison Room

Our smallest room in our Event space. Occupancy: 8


The Classroom is part of our Event space. It is converted into a quiet room when there is no event. Occupancy: 40