Main Space

Our main space is first come, first serve area for all members and guest. Visitors can check out the space and work out of here for the day. It is a great area to get a feel for the dojo and connect with others. Our electronic section is also in the back of the Main Space. We have cloud printing …

Maker Space

Our Maker Space Initiative exists to provide tools for our community members to create anything we can imagine. This is a space where you can fabricate physical objects, have fun experimenting, and build out hardware projects for your startup. Hacker Dojo is a well known Silicon Valley hub for cutting edge science and technology events. We operate as a non-profit innovation center …

Large Event Room

Our biggest meeting room as part of our Event space. Occupancy: 80


The Classroom is part of our Event space. It is converted into a quiet room when there is no event. Occupancy: 40