Nick Spagnola, Microsoft

Nick Spagnola is a Technical Solutions Professional on the Global Blackbelt team at Microsoft, specializing in Advanced Azure Workloads. He spends his time working with enterprise customers to help build out cutting edge solutions around machine learning and Computer Vision- particularly on the mobile edge.

Adrien Gaidon, Toyota Research Institute

Adrien Gaidon is the Machine Learning Lead and a Senior Research Scientist at the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) in Los Altos, CA, USA. He is leading a team working on some of the hardest challenges on the road to world-scale Automated Driving. Adrien has a decade of industrial and academic experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, publishing at top …

Andra Keay, SV Robotics

Andra Keay is the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics, an industry group supporting the innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies. Andra is also founder of Robot Launchpad for startups, and cofounder of Robot Garden, a new robotics hackerspace. Andra is a core contributor to Robohub, the global site for news and views on robotics. She obtained her MA in …

Vishnu Hari, Accenture

Vishnu Hari is an Associate Principal for Artificial Intelligence at Accenture where he’s focused on implementing machine learning/deep learning projects for clients across industries. He’s a passionate filmmaker, and cares deeply about advancing Explainability in Artificial Intelligence.

Shilpa Kolhatkar, NVIDIA

Shilpa Kolhatkar is responsible for driving the adoption and growth of Nvidia’s Deep Learning solutions across major verticals such as Smart Cities, Transportation, Retail and Public Sector. Prior to Nvidia, she was at Cisco responsible for developing several programs to accelerate IoT solutions. She has a unique profile that spans product and solution engineering, and business development. Shilpa has a …

Saket Joshi, Amazon

Saket is an Applied Scientist at Amazon. He has 16 years of combined academic and industrial experience in AI and ML. His current work focusses on developing Natural Language Understanding techniques for the Alexa Voice Assistant. Saket also teaches several ML courses at Amazon.

Rama Akkiraju, IBM

Rama Akkiraju is a Director, Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor and IBM Academy Member, at IBM’s Watson Division where she leads the AI operations teams. In her career, Rama has worked on agent-based decision support systems, electronic market places, and semantic Web services, for which she led a World-Wide-Web (W3C) standard. Rama has co-authored 4 book chapters, and over 50 technical …

Viji Krishnamurthy, Oracle

Viji Krishnamurthy manages IoT analytics products in Oracle IoT group. She holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Northwestern University and as a data scientist, she has helped to optimize product quality, supply chain and pricing. Viji has also managed IoT platforms and analytics applications in Smart Building and Consumer Electronics companies.

Raju Shreewastava, Big Data Trunk

Raju Shreewastava is the founder of Big data Trunk ( , a Big Data Training and consulting firm. He was formerly with Autodesk. (BI/DW/ODS, Big Data, and Enterprise Architecture)