2nd Saint Patricks Day Run

We’re at it again! Join us for the 2nd Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Underwear Run. There will be alcohol, people with boom boxes, and all manner of chaos.

Join the Fun!

When: Sunday, March 17th, 1PM
Where: Hacker Dojo, 599 Fairchild Way, Mountain View

Thanks to our Partners in Crime

New this year: a Donate and Draw!
Every runner will have one ticket to put towards a drawing for some awesome prizes! You can also donate to get more tickets and more chances to win!
Awesome prizes include:
$100 Amazon Gift Cards
$50 Amazon Gift Cards
Dojo Swag
Chivaz Socks (from a company started at Hacker Dojo!)

Get more tickets for the donate-and-draw!

Why should I donate to run around in my underwear? I can do that at home.
To help raise money for a great cause
To help generate press for the Dojo
Because we’re going to feed you lots of beer
Because we are going to have awesome Dojo swag
Because we have awesome prizes for you
Because awesome

This sounds awesome, but do I have to run…a whole 1.7 miles?
No, the goal here is to have fun, not to set a bar for athletic achievement. There will be tricycles with speakers on them playing “I’m Sexy and I Know It” and Lady Gaga, and they will require people to ride them. For the particularly athletically adverse, there will also be beer so just show up in your underwear and party if you prefer! Many of us walk, a few don’t run and just cheer for runners at the finish line, and if you decide to try but find you really have had too many beers, the race course intersects the VTA lightrail station. You can grab a ride from there back to the Dojo.
I hate running, can I bring my bike and bike with you?
Yes, especially if you decorate it or make sound come out of it!

How serious is this race?
We’re extremely serious about having a good time

Wait, it doesn’t take that long to run 1.7 miles…
The event will go like this: we will show up and drink and party, then we will run our mile, then we will drink and party more. This is why it is a longer event than it takes to run.

What sorts of underwear and costumes are permitted?
We encourage people to be creative, and if you’re shy, always remember that you can just support the dojo while wearing green! For the more adventurous, we’re setting some minimums with the Mountain View Public Nudity Laws:
SEC. 21.42. Prohibition against the display of female breasts.
Every female is guilty of a misdemeanor who, while participating in any live act, demonstration, or exhibition in any public place, place open to the public, or place open to public view, or while serving food or drink or both to any customer; Exposes any portion of either breast below a straight line so drawn that both nipples and all portions of both breasts which have a different pigmentation than that of the main portion of the breasts are below such straight line, or Employs any device or covering, which is intended to simulate such portions of the breast, or Wears any type of clothing so that any portion of such part of the breast may be observed.
SEC. 21.43. Prohibition against display of private parts.
Every person is guilty of a misdemeanor who exposes his or her private parts or buttocks, or employs any device or covering which is intended to simulate the private parts or pubic hair of such person, while participating in any live act, demonstration, or exhibition in any public place, place open to the public, or place open to public view, or while serving food or drink or both to any customer.

What can I bring?
If you want to carry some music for the amusement of your fellow runners, that is always awesome. You may also want to hide $2 someplace if you think you might need to take the VTA back. Impractical tricycles and other artistic devices that go at about the speed of a runner are strongly encouraged!

How can my company get involved?
New this year we’re working with companies to make this more awesome! Companies can:
Register a big team of runners
Have a branded location where they give water or snacks to runners along the race (we’re working on permission for other things)
Give a prize to a runner you find to be awesome
Run a snack or drink booth at the start/end location
Interested? Email [email protected]