Thank you to all the members who volunteered as well as speakers and sponsors for an amazing lecture series.

We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and plan to do more series of events like this.


Sept 26 - Data Science for beginners, Dr. Viji Krishnamurthy, Oracle

Oct 03 - Software Engineering Best Practices for Building AI-enabled applications, Rama Akkiraju, IBM

Oct 10 - Natural Language Processing - 101, Saket Joshi, Amazon

Oct 17 - Deep Learning, Shilpa Kolhatkar, NVIDIA

Oct 24 - Chatbots and Virtual assistants, Vishnu Hari, Accenture

Oct 31 - Robotics, Andra Keay, SV Robotics

Nov 7 - Adrien Gaidon, Toyota Research Institute (TRI)

AI Initiative @ Hacker Dojo

Ever since electricity was discovered in the 19th century, life, as humans knew it, changed forever. It seems, over the next few decades AI is bound to make a similar impact. AI technologies will be integrated in almost every device and no industry will remain unaffected. We will see drastic increases in productivity and yield. Completely revamped man-machine interfaces will make user experience most enriching. Overall economic output of individuals, companies, countries and humanity will increase significantly.

We, at Hackerdojo, a non-profit tech community, known for learning, making and creating, are excited to start an AI lecture series for beginners – for people who are still new to AI.

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