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    Many employers match charitable contributions given by their employees. Matching gift programs is one of the largest ways Hacker Dojo gets donations, and so we really hope you let us help in maximizing the power of your gift.


    After you make your donation, you will need to fill out some paperwork with your employer. If you are having trouble finding the right place, please ping sponsorships@hackerdojo.com as we are familiar with many of the systems used by local companies already.


    If we are not already in your employer's database, either you or we will have to add us. Here is some information employers frequently ask for when adding us to their matching donation database:

    • We are a 501c3 Charity
    • Our EIN is 26-4812213
    • Our address is 599 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View CA, 94043
    • We do not discriminate based on race, ethnic origin, national origin, religion or lack thereof, sex, sexual preference, gender expression/identity, disability, or anything like that.
    • We do not bribe government officials.
    • The Hacker Dojo as an institution does not endorse or oppose individual candidates for political office.
    • The Hacker Dojo as an institution does not endorse or commit illegal computer activity.


    If your employer requires any other information or we can help in any way, please contact sponsorships@hackerdojo.com