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When to email operations@

  1. You have an item you would like to donate to the Dojo.
  2. We are out of a supply that we normally keep stocked (toilet paper, coffee, etc.)
  3. A light bulb has burnt out someplace, and you don't know where the spares are (or a similar, physical-space dilemma.)
  4. You want to propose a physical change to the Dojo that effects us all. Some examples would be painting a massive mural, installing permanent shelves in the kitchen, etc.


Why you'd be part of operations@

  1. You care about the well being of the physical space of Hacker Dojo.
  2. You want a say in what items get brought in as donations.
  3. You have some skill that could be useful when someone emails in saying something in the building is amiss.


How to join operations@

It's easy to join the group.

Go to the operations@ Google group and join. (Tip: make sure you do this through your @hackerdojo.com email.) Or just go directly.