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When to email events@

  1. You have a question about event hosting that is not covered in the Events FAQ.
  2. An event host broke policy (ie, not letting Hacker Dojo members attend despite there being space in the room, an event host breaking fire code, etc.)


Why you'd be part of the events@ mailing list

  1. You care about how the space is used for event purposes.
  2. Clicking the "Approve" button gives you warm fuzzies.


Learn More

How to be Part of the Events Group. Interested in joining the mailing list and helping with the event approval process? Give this a read over.

How to Host an Event. From filling out the form to best practices. Even if you've hosted before, you might learn something new and helpful.

Events FAQ. This covers nearly every basic question someone could have about hosting an event at Hacker Dojo. It's also a useful link to send out to hosts with questions.

Event Space at Hacker Dojo. Goes over which rooms are available to reserve, their location in the building, and other basic details.


    Philosophy on Events

    Hacker Dojo is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Part of the mission of the organization is to educate, spread knowledge, and provide a valuable service to the community.  As such, events at Hacker Dojo hold an important part in our “service” role.


    Hacker Dojo spends very little money on marketing.  Nearly all of our growth can be attributed to people knowing about us by word-of-mouth advertising.  Not surprisingly, events at Hacker Dojo play a major role in exposing new people to the Dojo, as well as welcoming them back again and again for additional visits.  


    Hosting events is a good thing for Hacker Dojo.  


    As for event philosophy, we want to optimize:

    1. Event hosts having a professional interaction when dealing with the events@ team

    2. Event hosts having a realistic understanding of our rules (and their enforcement)

    3. The “Quantity of quality events” at Hacker Dojo

    4. A proper balance between events and member usage of the Dojo

    5. The organization meeting laws and City codes

    6. Event hosts being real members of the Dojo community, as opposed to signing up as a member just to host the event (or finding an existing member to host the event for them)