Hacker Fair 3

For more information or press info, you can check out our press release here.

When: 3rd of March, 1PM-8PM
Where: Hacker Dojo, 599 Fairchild Drive, Mountain View CA

The Innovation Endeavors Party bus collects non-local people in San Francisco at Embarcadero Station. Register for the bus.
12:10PM Bus arrives at 21st Amendment at De Boom Street in South San Francisco. It waits there for 10 minutes, then heads south.
1:00PM Bus arrives at the Palo Alto Train Station. It waits there for 10 minutes, then heads to Hacker Dojo.
Candidate check-in and setup
Fair officially opens, companies come in
Grilling and drinking begins. (Thank you Innovation Endeavors) Candidates can approach companies they missed.
Egesté starts DJing. Booths are cleared back.
8:00PM Innovation Endeavors party bus heads back to SF

What will happen?
Candidates will set up science-fair-like booths displaying their awesome skills. Companies will come around and shop for awesome candidates and interview them.

What I need to do to participate?
Candidates: have a project, put down a deposit to reserve your spot
Companies: buy a ticket, be able to prove you can pay a living wage to your hires, be hiring in the bay area

Why do candidates love it?
You get a chance to show your stuff in a format that shows your strengths instead of obsessing over a resume
You get to interview at tons of companies at once
You get to meet awesome companies you never heard of, but that we have screened to make sure they have the money to pay you

Why do companies love it?
You will have the chance to in-person screen over 100 people in about 3 hours.
Candidates come in from all around the world.
If a candidate can’t produce a project they won’t get in the building.
You’ll meet candidates that want to work for awesome companies but have never heard of you.

Why does everybody love it?
All proceeds support Hacker Dojo, enabling more people to realize their dreams of awesome
There will be beer and a party afterwards

But you don’t have to take our word for it:
“It’s an efficient way to market your skills with a project.”
— Tim Watts, formerly of Austin Texas, hired by Palantir through Hacker Fair 2

“Thank you for organizing all of this. I had absolutely no idea that any of this would happen.”
— Matt Blair, formerly of New York New York, hired by Flipboard through Hacker Fair 2

Big thanks to our partners in crime:

For logistics support, launch help, getting their portfolio folks ready to find awesome candidates, a long-standing tradition of believing in and supporting the hacker community, a bus to ferry people around, beer, BBQ, and party rocking.