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Contact List

Hacker Dojo is run by members and staff.  Ping if you have a question or concern!

Informationinfo@hackerdojo.comStaff and Volunteer email list.  Good default if you don't know who to email.  Best email to use if you need a quick response or over the weekend 
Staffstaff@hackerdojo.comQuestions which only staff should follow.  Venue rentals, sponsorships, and partnership inquiries.
Operationsoperations@hackerdojo.comQuestions or concerns about physical facilities.  Please report building issues, kitchen, or other general issues.
Eventsevents@Questions about events (meetups, classes, hackathons etc). Please read Events FAQ before contacting events@
Makersmakerbot@hackerdojo.comFor questions about the makerspace
Internetinternet@hackerdojo.comQuestions about internet
I Want To Helpiwanttohelp@hackerdojo.comWant to volunteer but don't know what teams need folks? Email here
Jun Wongjun.wong@hackerdojo.comExecutive Director

NOTE: Any member interested can and should join these teams if they want to help run a certain part of the Dojo.