Support the Hacker Dojo, bid on awesome nerds!


We’ve been really touched by the outpouring of support from members, friends, and people who believe in Hacker Dojo!


We got a lot of support on our kickstarter, but many members wanted to offer time and talents which didn’t fit into the kickstarter! Now, a new startup, Goodwillion, is helping us auction off these awesome nerds, and making sure all the money goes to Hacker Dojo!


There are tons of people saving Hacker Dojo on Goodwillion right now, but to give you an idea of what we’re up to, here are are some Dojo volunteers who are offering their time and talents to save the Dojo!






Who: Chris Yeh

What: An hour of startup mentoring

Best Quote from Auction: I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and investor. In addition to helping build companies like PBworks and Ustream, I’ve invested in over 25 startups, and advised dozens of entrepreneurs.

Who: Dan Ariely

What: Any food related activity — from coffee to dinner.

Best Quote from Auction: I am a researcher in the area of behavioral economics, with interests in human motivation, quirks and mis-behaviors.

Who: Downward Viral Team

What: Get put in full stage costume and makeup and be featured on a “Survivor” card in the upcoming game “Z.”

Best Quote from Auction: You must be able to travel to the San Francisco or Los Angeles area within the next 12 months and spend 3-4 hours in makeup and taking photos with our team. Lunch will be provided.

Who: Erin Dahlgren

What: Surprise silent rap for an enemy for 2 minutes

Best Quote from Auction: Silent rap is an unexplored genre. I am a silent rapper. If you’ve never witnessed this, it involves some pretty badass gestures.

Who: Katy Levinson

What: Two hours of mentoring! Choose from: running a kickstarter, running a community, robotics, nonprofit fundraising, at-risk-youth mentoring, embedded systems, logistics, steel welding lessons, automation, introductory marketing, introductory cooking or whatever else!

Best Quote from Auction: Cory Doctorow once described me as “Raw nerd charisma” and I found that flattering.

Who: Marie Knox

What:I will help you with something that I love to do: throw a fancy schmancy, or low-key, dinner party.

Best Quote from Auction: If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to be fancy, then this auction lot is for you.

Who: Tim Sears

What: 3 hours of Haskel lessons, bond and bank market mentoring, financial modeling for your startup, or help with a machine vision problem.

I have a doctorate in Machine Learning and a Masters in Finance. I spent 19 years on Wall Street, and so I am an expert on financial markers.


Who: Zonker Harris

What: A 90 minute Arduino and blinky-things class for you and 5 friends at Hacker Dojo! (you help decide the curriculum).

I’ve been hacking with the Ardino for over a year. I’ve played with servos, relays, LCD displays, analog inputs and digital I/O. But I’ve also played with SPI communications, as well as the psuedo consoles. I’ve developed some Best Practices. And I’m having lots of fun with the Mace Tech Shiftbrites (and other Mace Tech blinky lights), and I want to teach you and 5 friends about this stuff, at the Dojo.



From all of us at Hacker Dojo, thank you so much for your support on this project and all the other ones! You can check out the tons of other auctions available at Goodwillion. If you’re not in the bay area but still want to help the Hacker Dojo stay open despite the city’s zoning fit, you could always buy yourself the most amazing ninja fireball t-shirt ever on our Kickstarter.